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About Us

Hosabelaku Tapassu IAS Academy

In the present competitive environment, securing a government job requires sustained efforts by the aspirant. Getting into All India Services requires continuous, sustained, and focussed efforts by the aspirants. 


This challenge is answered by the concept of TAPASSU an ancient system of deep meditation, self-discipline, and journey to self-realization which involves solitude, even hermitism. In ancient times, our saints devoted their life to achieving MOKSHA (Liberation) by continuously practicing TAPPASSU. The ancient Indian Gurukul system was based on this principle and focussed on imbibing a sense of discipline in the students, to prepare them to stay focused, humble and responsible. 


To Hosabelaku Tapassu IAS Academy, a real TAPASAVI is the one who achieves his ultimate goal of getting into the All India Service in his first attempt. To ensure the aspirants achieve this ultimate goal, Hosabelaku Tapassu IAS Study center has created an atmosphere that keeps them away from distractions. 

Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu Academy 

In Hosabelaku Tapassu IAS Study center the day starts at 5 am with meditation. The regular classes start at 9 am with the singing of the National anthem, prayer and devotion to faculty. The classes will be completed by 9 pm. We provide the best faculties in all subjects, a model library, a conducive classroom for learning, a study room, hostel facilities, and personal care will be taken. 


Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu is the best IAS coaching in Bangalore and a ray of hope for the aspirants of competitive exams. Having five years of experience in coaching from its incorporation in 2014, It has helped over 300 candidates get selected for various government jobs. The Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu has trained already 2000 candidates for PSI/KAS AND for IAS, it is new venture with condusive atmosphere for young and dynamic to be civil services officers of NEW INDIA.


Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu is providing training for IAS/KAS/PSI. The building has a hostel facility, food for all meals of the day, library, and internet along with other basic and advanced facilities.



4+   batches of successful coaching for PSI
2000  candidates been has trained by Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu from incorporation


candidates are selected during a single batch for PSI in 2015.

39  candidates are selected during a single batch for PSI in 2015


batches of successful coaching for PSI.


candidates been has trained by Hosabelaku IAS Tapassu from incorporation




Hosabelaku TAPASSU IAS Academy



Hosabeleku Tapassu IAS Academy provides a paradigm shift in preparation for the Indian Civil Service Exams. We are an organisation born out of earnest desire to ensure that each of the aspiring candidates gets a job with the Government. The good news is that over 300 of our aspirants are posted in various Government departments. At the academy, we customise each aspirant's schedule by adopting the latest technology that not only brings out the best in each candidate but also strives to instil the much-needed competitive streak in them.. Read More


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